Cinecittà Events Fun Cinecittà World

Central Italy - Lazio - Roma - (RM)

Multipurpose Area

Cinecittà events Fun offers exclusive locations for meetings, gala dinners, and outdoor events in a unique atmosphere and scenery

  • PositionUrban Area, Historic Area
  • OpeningAll year round
  • N° Meeting halls4
  • Plenary capacity1500 seats
  • Spoken Languages Italian, English, French, Spanish
  • Affiliations: Cinecittà
  • See Phone Tel. +39 06 6400 9360
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  • See the address Via di Castel Romano, 200 - 00128 Roma (RM)
Cinecittà Events Fun World - Rome - Lazio - ItalyCinecittà Events Fun World - Rome - Lazio - ItalyCinecittà Events Fun World - Rome - Lazio - ItalyCinecittà Events Fun World - Rome - Lazio - Italy


Cinecittà World is the theme park inspired by the magic of cinema.

Turnkey and tailored-made solutions for your events. A project blending entertainment, technology and films for the first time in our country.

The renovation preserved the original features of the settings integrating them with technologic solutions. Academy-award winner Dante Ferretti and Ennio Morricone contributed to the realization of this project.

Since 2016 Cinecittà World has become part of the Event Department of Cinecittà Studios and Civita, creating Cinecittà Events, a new brand of Cinecittà District Entertainment company (CDE).

The brand includes exclusive locations and the possibility to offer many solutions in Rome and the rest of Italy, divided into three areas.
MOVIE: for events taking place in the magic spaces of Cinecittà Studios;
ART: for events in some of the most exclusive museums and cultural sites in Italy.
FUN: for events taking place in Cinecittà World theme park. The service is targeted at big companies and offers exclusive pre-built spaces to drastically cut costs for every event.

The park is a multi-purpose space equipped with the latest technologies, stunning set design, theme restaurants and studios. Cinecittà World has an evocative power, combining entertainment with an unconventional offer for unforgettable events.

Teatro 1, one of the largest studios in Europe, almost as big as a football field and 24-meter high; the Multi-purpose space L1 hosting the spectacular set of Herod’s Palace, designed by Francesco Frigeri. For smaller events, Teatro 4, Sala Vip and a new meeting and workshop space in the buildings of the 1920s New York.

Teatro 1
A 2,400 sq m studio, one of the largest in Europe. Available as a pre-built space, equipped with the latest technologies, sound and lighting system, a 130-sqm stage, a 23×8 screen and a telescopic tribune system hosting up to 1500 people. Teatro 1 offers innovative set-up systems, allowing a quick rearrangement of the location. The air-conditioning and heating systems provide an excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing.

Herod’s Palace
It is 1,100 sqm wide and hosts Herod’s Palace, the spectacular set designed by Italian set designer Francesco Frigeri for one of the latest international films shot in Italy. The multi-purpose space L1 is completely customizable for every kind of request.

All the spaces are pre-built with our equipment and stages, theme restaurants in evocative settings.

We distinguish ourselves by:
• Large spaces and locations. Flexibility and complete usability
• High-tech equipments in every area of the park
• Appeal, uniqueness and exclusive design for a strong emotional impression
• High-quality restaurant service and highly-qualified staff
• Easily accessible and a parking lot for over 1,200 cars and 200 buses

In addition to the inside spaces, large outdoor areas for shows, gala dinners and outdoor events.

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