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Venues surrounded by nature. Located inside national parks or natural reserves, isolated on high mountains, small islands, uncontaminated shores, or in farms in the middle of olive trees or vineyards.

Dimora Santa Margherita

Cinigiano (GR) - Tuscany

  • Country
  • Plenary capacity: 25
  • No. of halls:1
  • Total bedrooms: 6
  • Point of ExcellenceNature

    Secluded farmhouse, 3 km away on a gravel road from the nearest village. The hilly countryside of Tuscany surrounds you, and not so far away you can look at the sea. The landscape is so wild, you may also see some uncommon animals!

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Board Retreat, Charming Position, Surroundings

San Servolo Island

Venezia - Venice (VE) - Veneto

  • Congress Centre / Multipurpose Area / Historical Mansion
  • Plenary capacity: 240
  • No. of halls:11
  • Total bedrooms: 173
  • Point of ExcellenceNature

    San Servolo is surrounded by the wonderful natural landscape of the southern Venetian Lagoon. Picturesque park with secular trees. The island offers a suggestive natural setting for nature trails by traditional rowboats.

  • Further points of escellence: Art/Culture, Atmosphere, Charming Position, History, Surroundings, Uniqueness

Marinagri Hotel & SPA

Marina di Policoro (MT) - Basilicata

  • Hotel 5 stars
  • Plenary capacity: 350
  • No. of halls:4
  • Total bedrooms: 95
  • Point of ExcellenceNature

    The resort is surrounded by more than 300 hectares of a Nature Reserve where pink flamingos and herons live in freedom. Turtles' eggs hatch at the beach.
    40 km of the Reserve's trails for orienteering/team building on foot or by bike.

  • Further points of escellence: Charming Position, Leisure Activities, Sport, Surroundings, Team Building

Poiano Resort

Garda (VR) - Veneto

  • Hotel 4 stars / Congress Centre
  • Plenary capacity: 250
  • No. of halls:6
  • Total bedrooms: 280
  • Point of ExcellenceNature

    The Resort is located in a 60 hectares park with a panoramic view on Lake Garda. Outdoors teambuilding activities

  • Further points of escellence: Team Building

Torre Del Castellano

Reggello (FI) - Tuscany

  • Historical Mansion
  • Plenary capacity: 75
  • No. of halls:3
  • Point of ExcellenceNature

    Dominant position in the green landscape: the castle is in the middle of Florentine Colli’s woods and vines. The typical Tuscan countryside.

  • Further points of escellence: Accessibility, Atmosphere, History, Surroundings, Team Building

Grand Hotel Billia

Saint Vincent (AO) - Aosta Valley

  • Hotel 5 stars
  • Plenary capacity: 580
  • Total bedrooms: 119
  • Point of ExcellenceNature

    The location of the Parc Hotel Billia and the Congress Centre of the Billia in the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino, in the heart of Valle d'Aosta, makes the logistics within the region easier. Important mansions which are cradles of art; suggestive spa where you can find the well-being, a beautiful nature in all seasons and traditional products of the area, are part of the local offer you can discover and experience.

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Versatility of Spaces

Hotel Le Fontanelle

Pianella (SI) - Tuscany

  • Hotel 5 stars
  • Plenary capacity: 20
  • Total bedrooms: 36
  • Point of ExcellenceNature

    Surrounded by green hills, vineyards, olive trees, oaks, cypresses and firs woods. The underbrush is covered by orchids in spring, by dogwood and strawberry tree full of red fruits in autumn. Roe deer, hare, hedgehog, squirrels, foxes, birds of prey.

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Board Retreat, Charming Position, Surroundings, Service

Tenuta dei Ciclamini

Avigliano Umbro (TR) - Umbria

  • Country
  • Plenary capacity: 350
  • Total bedrooms: 70
  • Point of ExcellenceNature

    Everywhere you direct your glance, you can see forests and nature. Tenuta dei Ciclamini is literally imersed in the nature.

  • Further points of escellence: Team Building