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Venues with a rich and valuable history, both private and local. History is constantly sustained and manifests itself in the venue’s architecture, furnishing, corporate style, communication.

Cantine Duca di Salaparuta

Casteldaccia (PA) - Sicily

  • Multipurpose Area
  • Plenary capacity: 150
  • No. of halls:3
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    Cradle of Sicily’s wine culture. The Corvo wines, red and white, are still produced in the historic cellars built in the early 19th century. The cellars, ‘holy’ territory for wine lovers, can be visited.

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Surroundings

Florio Wineries – Cantine Florio

Marsala (TP) - Sicily

  • Congress Centre / Historical Mansion / Multipurpose Area
  • Plenary capacity: 1500
  • No. of halls:6
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    The cellars were built in 1833 and reflect the culture of that time, strongly influenced by English architecture. That same charming and aristocratic atmosphere still survive.

  • Further points of escellence: Fame/Prestige, Atmosphere, Huge Spaces, Leisure Activities, Uniqueness, Party and Wedding

Fondazione Querini Stampalia

Venezia (VE) - Veneto

  • Historical Mansion / Museum/Gallery / Historical Building / Multipurpose Area
  • Plenary capacity: 132
  • No. of halls:7
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    The official residence of the noble family Querini Stampalia since 1514. Today it houses the homonymous Foundation, founded in 1869 by the last descendant, Count Giovanni. The Palazzo has been redeveloped in modern times by the interventions of architects Carlo Scarpa, Valeriano Pastor, and Mario Botta.

  • Further points of escellence: Art/Culture, Design, In Town, Atmosphere, Uniqueness, Technology

Istituto Luce Cinecittà – Cinecittà Events

Roma (RM) - Lazio

  • Multipurpose Area / Theatre / Historical Building / Congress Centre
  • Plenary capacity: 1200
  • No. of halls:10
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    The first city of cinema founded in 1937 for Fascist propaganda films.
    Cinecittà hosted significant films in cinema history: Quo Vadis, Ben-Hur, Cleopatra. Federico Fellini’s favourite movie set.

  • Further points of escellence: Accessibility, Art/Culture, Atmosphere, Fame/Prestige, Huge Spaces, Logistics, Uniqueness, Versatility of Spaces

Royal Hotel Sanremo

Sanremo (IM) - Liguria

  • Hotel 5 stars L
  • Plenary capacity: 300
  • No. of halls:5
  • Total bedrooms: 127
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    Luxury hotel inaugurated in 1872, managed by the same family for five generations. It has always been chosen by aristocrats, businessmen and international jet setters since the Belle Époque. Swimming pool projected by Giò Ponti.

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Charming Position, Glamour, Golf, Luxury, Service, Surroundings, Versatility of Spaces, Wellness

San Servolo Island

Venezia (VE) - Veneto

  • Congress Centre / Multipurpose Area
  • Plenary capacity: 240
  • No. of halls:12
  • Total bedrooms: 173
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    Probably the oldest convention center in Italy. Founded in the 8th century as a Benedictine convent and perfectly renovated a few years ago, it has been converted to different uses and purposes over the centuries: a monastery for several religious orders, a military hospital and then a psychiatric sanatorium.

  • Further points of escellence: Art/Culture, Atmosphere, Charming Position, Nature, Surroundings, Uniqueness

Torre Del Castellano

Reggello (FI) - Tuscany

  • Historical Mansion
  • Plenary capacity: 75
  • No. of halls:3
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    The original structure dates back to X Century, it was a strategical point and a manor house. Back in 1913 it has been declared a cultural property of notable historical interest. It was a refuge for Uffizi's statues, during the Second World War.

  • Further points of escellence: Accessibility, Atmosphere, Nature, Surroundings, Team Building

Villa e Collezione Panza – FAI

Varese (VA) - Lombardy

  • Historical Mansion / Museum/Gallery
  • Plenary capacity: 100
  • No. of halls:3
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    Built in the mid eighteenth century on an existing "noble house", it was restored in '800 by Luigi Canonica that realized the beautiful ballroom. it has been restored in 900 by arch. Piero Portaluppi.

  • Further points of escellence: Art/Culture

Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari

Mira (VE) - Veneto

  • Historical Mansion / Multipurpose Area
  • Plenary capacity: 99
  • No. of halls:6
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    Built at the beginnings of 700 by venetian nobles with persian origins, the Villa has been renovated by the family Widmann in a french rococò style. They Preserved the saloons, furnitures with chandelier of Murano, frescos and the park (16.000 mq).

  • Further points of escellence: Art/Culture, Atmosphere, Surroundings, Charming Position

Abbazia di Rosazzo

Manzano (UD) - Friuli Venezia Giulia

  • Congress Centre / Historical Building
  • Plenary capacity: 99
  • Total bedrooms: 14
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    The abbey of Rosazzo, founded around 1800 by an hermit, has been a fortress. Nowadays it's a humanistic and social meeting point, and a venue for events.

Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA

Matera (MT) - Basilicata

  • Hotel 5 stars
  • Plenary capacity: 50
  • No. of halls:1
  • Total bedrooms: 35
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    The "Sassi" of Matera, where the hotel is located, are the ancient caves inhabited since prehistoric times. They are the oldest historical center of the city and have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity site.

  • Further points of escellence: Uniqueness, In Town, Board Retreat

Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromées

Stresa (VB) - Piedmont

  • Hotel 5 stars L / Congress Centre
  • Plenary capacity: 250
  • No. of halls:16
  • Total bedrooms: 159
  • Point of ExcellenceHistory

    Inaugurated in 1863, it is one of the few hotels (about 80) that have been recognized as "Historical Establishment of Italy". It has always hosted international meetings and prestigious events, such as the famous Stresa Conference in 1935. Hemingway wrote his masterpiece "A Farewell to arms" here.

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Charming Position, Fame/Prestige, Golf, Luxury