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Venues with a recognized history and/or social role, with media visibility, frequented by VIPs. Fascinating and widely popular.

Florio Wineries – Cantine Florio

Marsala (TP) - Sicily

  • Congress Centre / Historical Mansion / Multipurpose Area
  • Plenary capacity: 1500
  • No. of halls:6
  • Point of ExcellenceFame/Prestige

    Florio is the most famous Marsala wine brand in the world. Cantine Florio are recognized as destination of excellence in Sicily and welcome every year tourists from around the world.

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, History, Huge Spaces, Leisure Activities, Uniqueness, Party and Wedding

Hilton Molino Stucky Venice

Venezia - Venice (VE) - Veneto

  • Hotel 5 stars / Congress Centre
  • Plenary capacity: 900
  • No. of halls:14
  • Total bedrooms: 379
  • Point of ExcellenceFame/Prestige

    One of the best-known hotels in Venice and one of the most awarded in the international rankings. The historic regattas of the Redentore pass in front of the hotel, on the Giudecca Canal.

  • Further points of escellence: Charming Position, Huge Spaces, Logistics, Versatility of Spaces, Surroundings

Poli Distillerie – Poli Distillery

Schiavon (VI) - Veneto

  • Distillery / Historical building / Museum/Gallery / Multipurpose Area / Congress Centre
  • Plenary capacity: 200
  • No. of halls:3
  • Point of ExcellenceFame/Prestige

    Poli Distillerie has been selected by Lonely Planet among the 10 world's best distilleries and is the only venue in Italy. It has been the filming location of RAI tv series “Di Padre in Figlia”, with Cristiana Capotondi and Alessio Boni.

  • Further points of escellence: Art/Culture, Atmosphere, Uniqueness, Surroundings

Royal Hotel Sanremo

Sanremo (IM) - Liguria

  • Hotel 5 stars L
  • Plenary capacity: 300
  • No. of halls:5
  • Total bedrooms: 127
  • Point of ExcellenceFame/Prestige

    Sanremo is internationally known as the town of music thanks to the popular Sanremo Music Festival, but it is also famous for the historic Rally, the traditional Milan-Sanremo cycle race, the Casino. Music stars and international VIPs are regularly hosted here. Events of the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra and international poker tournaments.

  • Further points of escellence: Charming Position, Wellness, Golf, Atmosphere, Surroundings

Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromées

Stresa (VB) - Piedmont

  • Hotel 5 stars L / Congress Centre
  • Plenary capacity: 250
  • No. of halls:16
  • Total bedrooms: 159
  • Point of ExcellenceFame/Prestige

    Some notable guests of the past: Leopold II of Belgium; Oscar II of Sweden; Elena of Montenegro; the businessmen Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan; the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio; the actress Eleonora Duse; G.B. Shaw; the baron Rotschild; E. Hemingway; J. Steinbeck…

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Charming Position, Golf, History, Luxury

Grand Hotel Rimini

Rimini (RN) - Emilia Romagna

  • Hotel 5 stars L / Congress Centre
  • Plenary capacity: 350
  • No. of halls:14
  • Total bedrooms: 168
  • Point of ExcellenceFame/Prestige

    The Grand Hotel is one of the most famous symbols of the Emilia Romagna region. Celebrities like the film director Federico Fellini stayed in this luxury hotel.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

Bellagio (CO) - Lombardy

  • Hotel 5 stars L / Historical Mansion
  • Plenary capacity: 300
  • No. of halls:5
  • Total bedrooms: 95
  • Point of ExcellenceFame/Prestige

    For over 140 years, the hotel has been hosting royal families, aristocrats, successful businessmen, heads of state, renowned artists. Always present in international luxury hotel rankings. It has significantly contributed to the fame and prestige of Bellagio.

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Charming Position, Food, In Town, Luxury, Party and Wedding, Service, Surroundings

Sheraton Diana Majestic

Milano (MI) - Lombardy

  • Hotel 4 stars
  • Plenary capacity: 500
  • No. of halls:5
  • Total bedrooms: 106
  • Point of ExcellenceFame/Prestige

    A place to be. Since years, the aperitif at Diana is a classic and glamorous appointment. In the summer in the garden.

Superstudio Events

Milano (MI) - Lombardy

  • Congress Centre / Multipurpose Area
  • Plenary capacity: 3000
  • No. of halls:11
  • Point of ExcellenceFame/Prestige

    Main space of attraction for big international photographers of the fashion and advertisment industry, it helped Milan to be more international. Many important and famous fashion and design personalities appreciate the venue and it attracts more than 300.000 visitors every year.

  • Further points of escellence: Huge Spaces, Versatility of Spaces, Logistics

Hotel Regina Palace

Stresa (VB) - Piedmont

  • Hotel 4 stars
  • Plenary capacity: 540
  • Total bedrooms: 224
  • Point of ExcellenceFame/Prestige

    First inaugurated in 1908, Hotel Regina Palace has hosted for more than a century kings, Head of States, show-business and finance personalities, such as the composer Pietro Mascagni and George Bernard Shaw. The Hotel has also hosted some editions of the Italian beauty pageant Miss Italia.

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Food, Golf, Huge Spaces, Luxury

Savoia Excelsior Palace

Trieste (TS) - Friuli Venezia Giulia

  • Hotel 4 stars S / Congress Centre
  • Plenary capacity: 370
  • Total bedrooms: 144
  • Point of ExcellenceFame/Prestige

    Luxury hotel with timeless charm that recalls the European style of the Austro-Hungarian empire.