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Venues with a close connection and close relationships with the art world. They host famous works and permanent exhibitions, and frequently promote important artistic events.

Cinecittà-Cinecittà Events

Roma - Rome (RM) - Lazio

  • Multipurpose Area / Theatre / Historical Building / Congress Centre
  • Plenary capacity: 1200
  • No. of halls:10
  • Point of ExcellenceArt/Culture

    3 permanent exhibits "Shooting in Cinecittà", "Backstage" and "Felliniana" retrace Cinecittà’s history and the most important productions filmed in the Studios from 1937 to 1989. In "Backstage" 5 rooms dedicated to the "trades of cinema".

  • Further points of escellence: Accessibility, Atmosphere, Fame/Prestige, History, Huge Spaces, Logistics, Uniqueness, Versatility of Spaces

Fondazione Querini Stampalia

Venezia - Venice (VE) - Veneto

  • Historical Mansion / Museum/Gallery / Historical Building / Multipurpose Area
  • Plenary capacity: 132
  • No. of halls:7
  • Point of ExcellenceArt/Culture

    Among the oldest Italian foundations, commissioned in 1868 by Count Giovanni Querini, it houses the entire family heritage with the Library and the Casa Museo, with masterpieces by Giovanni Bellini, Pietro Longhi, and Gabriel Bella.

  • Further points of escellence: Design, In Town, Atmosphere, Uniqueness, Technology, History

Poli Distillerie – Poli Distillery

Schiavon (VI) - Veneto

  • Distillery / Historical building / Museum/Gallery / Multipurpose Area / Congress Centre
  • Plenary capacity: 200
  • No. of halls:3
  • Point of ExcellenceArt/Culture

    In the Poli Grappa Museum, there is a vast library of 3,000 volumes related to Grappa, an archive of ancient commercial documents and the largest collection of Italian historical grappas

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Fame/Prestige, Uniqueness, Surroundings

ADI Doria Grand Hotel

Milano (MI) - Lombardy

  • Hotel 4 stars S
  • Plenary capacity: 120
  • No. of halls:4
  • Total bedrooms: 124
  • Point of ExcellenceArt/Culture

    Twice a week, since 2001, jazz music sessions with live performances of Italian and foreign musicians.

  • Further points of escellence: In Town

San Servolo Island

Venezia - Venice (VE) - Veneto

  • Congress Centre / Multipurpose Area
  • Plenary capacity: 240
  • Total bedrooms: 173
  • Point of ExcellenceArt/Culture

    Branch of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, base of the Venice International University as well as of Ca' Foscari International College. It hosts a permanent art exhibition and numerous cultural events related to contemporary art. It is also possible to visit the interesting Museum of Madness and the old drugstore.

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Charming Position, History, Nature, Surroundings, Uniqueness

Villa e Collezione Panza – FAI

Varese (VA) - Lombardy

  • Historical Mansion / Museum/Gallery
  • Plenary capacity: 100
  • Point of ExcellenceArt/Culture

    It houses a very important contemporary art collection formed by Giuseppe Panza di Biumo, the last owner of the villa. Art exhibitions, also international ones, are often organized.

  • Further points of escellence: History

Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari

Mira (VE) - Veneto

  • Historical Mansion / Multipurpose Area
  • Plenary capacity: 99
  • Point of ExcellenceArt/Culture

    The perfect example of venues for its conservation and renovation of typicals Venetian Villas in french rococò style. Frescos realized by Giuseppe Angeli (1712-1798) pupil of Giambattista Piazzetta, and Gerolamo Mengozzi Colonna co-worker of Tiepolo. It hosts concerts and exhibitions.

  • Further points of escellence: Atmosphere, Surroundings, Charming Position, History, Party and Wedding