Equoevento Onlus

Catering/Banqueting / No Profit

Operating in: Northern Italy / Central Italy

A non profit organization that recovers food excess to be redistributed to charity associations, soup kitchens for poor people and foster home. Equoevento Onlus operates in the Province of Milan and in the Province of Rome.

  • Spoken Languages Italian, English, Spanish

Equoevento Onlus - Catering ItalyEquoevento Onlus - Catering ItalyEquoevento Onlus

Company profile

Equoevento is a non profit association that takes care of picking up the food excess from the events to redistribute it to charity entities.

Partner of Fondazione Banco Alimentare.

Pick up and redistribution of food excess.

Francesco Colicci, co-founder, author of the article “The wastefulness of the food in the events. What to do?”


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