Calliope Interpreters

Interpreter/Translations / Audio/Visual Lighting/Services

Operating in: Whole Italy / Abroad

A global network of interpreters working all over the world

  • Spoken Languages Italian, English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Chinese

Company profile

Calliope Interpreters is a global network of interpreters  working all over the world.

The society is composed of about twenty members, each responsible for one or more countries; all of them are professionals in the field of translation.
Thanks to their expertise, all members can ensure the coordination and supply of linguistic services and to support the client in all the steps of the project including the participation to international events.
All members share between each other their local collaborators network and other professional information (such as technical glossaries, specific demands, etc. ) so that the clients may everywhere receive services of the same level of quality.
The correspondent for Italy of Calliope Interpreters is Aprimondo, in the person of its owner Claudia Ricci

Claudia Ricci, owner of Aprimondo and member of Calliope Interpreters Italy, author of the article “The Interpreter’s words


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