Marco Dondarini – Davide Dalfiume duo

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Operating in: Northern Italy / Central Italy

After their debut at Zelig Cabaret, finalists in the program "Eccezionale Veramente", Dondarini Dalfiume are a successful duo of comedian actors to enliven events and business dinners.

Duo Dondarini DalfiumeDuo Dondarini DalfiumeDuo Dondarini DalfiumeDuo Dondarini DalfiumeDuo Dondarini Dalfiume

Company profile

Dondarini Dalfiume are a successful duo of comedian actors who debuted at Zelig Cabaret and finalists in the program “Eccezionale veramente”, to enliven events and business dinners.

Dondarini Dalfiume comic duo was established by a happy coincidence in 2014.
During the succession of some comedian actors, Marco Dondarini and Davide Dalfiume found themselves together on stage because of a schedule mistake. They started to improvise receiving applause and public appreciation.
Immediately one of the authors of Zelig  TV show, seeing their potential, decided to recruit them in the program Zelig 1.
So Dondarini Dalfiume duo made its appearance.

In 2016 the duo was invited to take part in “Eccezionale veramente” program on channel LA 7, conducted by Gabriele Cirilli. They made it to the final and received flattering comments from the judges Diego Abatantuono, Paolo Ruffini, Selvaggia Lucarelli.

The two have gained a lot of experience in Italy with live performances in squares and theatres: Dalfiume since 1994 and Dondarini since 2004.
They are captivating, naturally fun, excellent improvisers and a good match, combining both disenchantment and alleged authority.
For their honest attitude and the clean language of their sketches, Dondarini Dalfiume duo is suitable and a good source of entertainment for conventions and business dinners.
The performance duration varies from 45 to 90 minutes.

La Bottega del Buonumore
La Bottega del Buonumore is an association producing and broadcasting duo Dondarini Dalfiume performances. With  Davide Dalfiume as the art director, they are committed to the theatre exhibitions: since 2008 at the Theatre of Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) and since 2018 the Town Hall Theatre in Conselice (RA).
 La Bottega del Buonumore produces sociocultural performances, events and initiatives, manages theatre exhibitions and collaborates with voluntary associations, charity, literary and historical events.


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