Stefania Fontana

"Green" consultant


Stefania Fontana
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Consultant specialised in sustainable development for the municipalities near and in Milan

Naturalist, since 1994 she has been working in designing and managing flanking paths to environmental sustainability, collaborating with WWF Lombardia and WWF Italy first and the within system of protected areas of Regione Lombardia, coordinating the regional service “AREA Parchi” at Park North in Milan.

For the Cooperative Society Koiné managed by the Provincia di Milano, she worked as a consultant in the project Green Provincial Purchases, in the production of the Sustainability Report in 2007 and following other environmental report activities, training activities and promoting the choice of sustainable policies by the municipalities of the Provincia and the participation of the citizens to the government of the area.

In 2008 she started working for the consortium Poliedra of the Politecnico di Milano, specializing in Environmental Evaluation and Integration of Environment in the implementation instruments of the Community Planning of the Regione Lombardia. She works as a sustainability freelance consultant for companies and public and private organizations.