Pier Giorgio Cozzi

Writer, Communication expert

pier giorgio cozzi
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Professor of communications in Italy and expert in public affairs

He studied International Political Science.
As an advertiser, he has been the integrated communication Manager for national and international corporates.
As a journalist, he collaborated with many important national economics newspapers. He contributes to the diffusion of economical topics, marketing and corporate communication collaborating with well-known headlines of marketing (trade) off and online.

He’s a Communication professor in the universities in Italy and abroad.

He’s the author of the publications:
“Events. Communication instruments for the business corporates of the third millenium” (Lupetti);
“Tourism and web. Mktg and communication between the real and the virtual world” (FAngeli);
“Lobbyist career. stakeholders or  middle men?” (Lupetti);
“Communicating with the events. An operative guide” (FAngeli).

He’s an expert of public affairs, he did lobby activities in Italy and in communities institutions on behalf of associations, business groups and corporates nationally relevant.