Patrizia Bocconi

Free lance Set Designer


Patrizia Bocconi

Set designer, she uses new technologies and creates virtual scenographies with the latest generation special effects

Born in the 1960s, after Classical studies Patrizia Bocconi took a stage designer’s diploma at Politecnico in Genoa, studying under two very important teachers as Polidori and Luzzati. Her career started in theatre: Tosse, Archivolto and Carlo Felice in Genova and collaborating with Emanuele Luzzati as well.

From the 1990s she mainly works for TV programs and for company events, working for the most important broadcasting companies in the country: RAI, Mediaset, Sky TV, LA Sette, MTV, Odeon, TMC, TV Nazionale Svizzera, Disney Channel, All Music and for a number of company broadcasting services such as Mediolanum Channel. For Mediaset only she realized over 20 set designs.

Patrizia Bocconi has a very complete experience in all the possible applications of scenography, from commercials to fair stands design (Poste Italiane, Pirelli, Mediolanum, Hitachi, Bipop, etc), to the renovation of venues and company offices. She won a contest for the design for 3 restaurants in the Italian section of Saragoza 2008 Expo.

She is specialized in new technologies and creating virtual sets using special effects of the latest technology. She teaches TV Set Design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Genova.

In the congressional field, Patrizia Bocconi looked after the set design of conventions of any dimension, including some really enormous ones, such as the 40th anniversary of Fideraum, all the conventions Mediolanum organized since 2002 (thousands of participants), Poste Italiane. Some other names, among the better known, are: Pirelli, Banco di Brescia, Disney Channel, Popolare di Brescia, Bistefani.