Nicola Grande

Manager / Spell S.r.l.


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Consultant and trainer at Spell srl. He strongly believes thats the company theatre is a form of corporate communication

Nicola Grande is graduated in Economics and has a Masters’ degree in Management. After a long career as a consultant and trainer for a number of companies, Nicola Grande founded Spell srl, a society that works in training and corporate communication and he helped to bring the company theatre, a mean of company communication, to Italy.

Curious observer of the social networks, he applied the SNA (Social Network Analysis) to the study of relationships in organizations.
Being passionate about videos, he is working on the free project, a website for video communication for Italian companies.

He teaches Advanced Marketing in the context of the specialized degree (the Italian equivalent to a Masters’ degree) in CPO (Communication and Advertising for Organizations), faculty of Sociology, Carlo Bo University, Urbino.

Grande and his society have been collaborating for years to the success of conventions, events and training courses. He works as a trainer-actor and works at the design, creation and realization of events that combine playfulness and training.

Spell worked for the most important Italian societies realizing training courses and communication projects for, among the others: Telecom, Gruppo Generali, Zurich.