Nicola Bucci

Illustrator / Bucnic – Nicola Bucci

Nicola Bucci - Illustrator and graphic in Italy
  • See Phone +39 349 872 9203

Painter, humorist, illustrator, engraver.

Nicola Bucci is expert in computer graphics, graphic artwork, cartoons, satirical vignettes, illustrations.
He collaborated with different satirical newspapaers such as  “Nuovo Male” and “Boxer”.
He was published in the “Contemporary illustrators Dictionary”.
He eposed in Italia and abroad, Paris, Minneapolis, Melbourne, New York.
He lives and works in Rome. His art signature is Bucnic.

He is also a jazz musician and he plays the saxhorn with the jazz triplet “Note a Margine”. One of the place where you can meet him while playing is the Latteria di Trastevere, in Rome.

By joining his two life passions, Nicola Bucci has been the creator and the organizer of “Jazz Smile” – International Competition of satire designed on Jazz and of “Trasimeno Blues Cartoon FestInternational competition of satire designed on Blues.

Realized by commission, creative graphic and coordinated image of events, dedicated illustrations, caricatures, comics about corporate life, posters, illustrations, customizations on mugs, t-shirt, corporate gadgets.