Mike Van Der Vijver

Administrator / MindMeeting B.V.


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Meeting designer, coach, trainer and founder of MindMeeting

The activities of Mike are focused on designing programs for conferences, seminars, events, workshops, in order to make them more effective and internationally attractive.
His methodology consists of merging international knowledge and managing all communication interactions in groups.
Mike Van Der Vijer contributed to build the success of several events in the Dutch Presidency of the European Union.
He is working
for Dutch ministries, companies, and institutions both Italian and international.
He founded MindMeeting in 2002 together with Eric de Groot.
Mike van der Vijver is also a regular speaker and presenter in several national and international conferences related to innovation in industry and intercultural issues.

Meeting designer, coach, trainer.
He regularly writes columns on Mice press.
He wrote Into the Heart of Meetings with Eric de Groot, a book about meeting as a form of communication and introducing the basic skills for being a good Meeting Designer.