Matteo Donini

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Events responsable, project manager, coordinator of the resources for computer graphics…

Matteo Donini graduated in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and got his professional qualification at Politecnico in February 1997. He is enrolled in the Register for Architects, Plannes and Landscape curators of Provincia di Milano.

He worked for Teknocongress as Head of Events and Sales Manager. His duties included: collecting the briefings from the clients, projecting the lay-outs of halls and settings, choosing the audiovisual material, offering a constant support during the events, coordinating the technical staff.

Until 2005, he collaborated with Emediaweb (Mediasistemi group) as a Project Manager. His duties used to include: Project analyst and Visual communication responsible, coordinator of the resources for computer graphics, web design, publishing and for commercial communication.

At the beginning of his career he worked as Visual Designer and Art Director for ENI Group. For them he worked as a consultant for commercial activities, videos, multimedia material, publishing and for the communication with the press.


Expert in visual communication.