Massimo Morga

CEO / Staff Italia


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Founder of taff Italia, expert in motivational incentives and conventions

Columnist for Meeting&Congressi and coauthor of the book “C’era una Volta la Convention” (Once upon a time there was a Convention) published by Edizione SOLE24ORE.
Morga is founder and CEO of STAFF ITALIA ® srl. This society works in the field of incentive since 1990. Partner of international companies such as Vodafone, Wyeth, Pfizer, Pirelli, Continental, Allianz Bank, Trelleborg, Sorin Group, Autogrill.

Club 100% (Ad Personam incentives) – emotional incentives – motivational conventions.

Two major Case Histories: Fusion Pfizer Pharmacia (2500 people, 7 weeks); Pirelli PZERO Launch, Dubai (1000 people, 15 days).