Luca Legnani

President board of directors / Papillon Eventi


  • See Phone +39.02.26263082

Presdent of Papillon Eventi, he organizes meetings, gala dinners and cocktail for corporate events.

40 years old and a family tradition in the restaurant business: he has a great amount of experience for his age. In his early twenties, attracted by the idea of a “mobile restaurant”, he planned and created a fully autonomous mobile kitchen that works with publicity film productions. Shortly thereafter it was recognized by many players in the industry, including several American crews filming in Italy.

Papillon quickly grew in the wedding banquet business as well and getting to manage about a hundred wedding receptions per year. In the latest years there has been a definite orientation towards company events, meetings, gala dinners and cocktail parties.

In just a few years its customers have come to include large national companies, major telecommunications brands, and large credit institutions and it established a relationship of trust and collaboration with major communications agencies.

Legnani’s sensitivity in planning banquets, starting with the concept and the significance of the event, makes him, in many ways, more of a consultant than a service provider in the classical sense.