Francesco Morace

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Francesco Morace
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Francesco Morace, president of  the research institute Future Concept Lab, is a strategic counselor working in Italy and abroad.

For over 30 years, Francesco Morace has been working as a business strategic consultant for both, companies and institutions, in Italy and abroad in the field of social and market research. He has held conferences, courses and workshops in Europe, Asia, North and South America.
Francesco Morace is now president of Future Concept Lab and the founder of Festival della Crescita (The Growth Festival).
Italian Factor - Francesco Morace
Moreover, Francesco Morace is Professor of Social Innovation at Politecnico of Milan and author of over 20 essays all published by Egea, including:
– “Futuro+Umano. Quello che l’intelligenza artificiale non potrà mai darci” (2018) – Futur + Humen. What artificial intelligence wont’ ever be able to give us.
– “Crescere. Un Manifesto in dodici mosse” (2017) – How to grow in 12 steps
– “ConsumAutori. I nuovi nuclei generazionali” (2016) – The new active consumer
– “Crescita Felice. Percorsi di futuro civile” (2015) – Happy growth in a civil future
– “Italian Factor. Come moltiplicare il valore di un Paese” (2014) about the intangible values of the Italian touch

Futuro+Umano - Francesco MoraceHe is also in charge of some newspapers columns dedicated to trends including Adv, Mark Up, Millionaire.
Since 2014, he has taken part in Radio24’s radio show “Essere e Avere” (To Be and To Have)  with “Il ConsumAutore” weekly column.