Duccio Brunelli

Partner / BBA-Architetti & Partners Srl


Duccio Brunelli
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Partner of BBA-Architetti associati and collaborator of Florence University by doing research on environmental sustainability.

Duccio Brunelli graduated in Architecture from Florence University in 1997, with a dissertation thesis on architectural design.
From the year 2000 he participated to a number of architectural and design contests, with BBA – Architetti Associati, obtaining prizes and awards.

The main fields of his research cover Architecture, Design and Exhibit Design, where it is easy to experiment for what concerns form and composition.

Brunelli has been working at Florence University for years, teaching and coordinating the research on environmental sustainability and concept-design in the context of the Masters’ degree in Design.

Among his main publications:
“Strumento Digitale – Progettazione e Rappresentazione”, Duccio Brunelli, 2002 (Design and Representation); “Exhibit Design – Architettura come strumento di Comunicazione”, Duccio Brunelli, 2006 (Architecture as an instrument for communication); “Linee Guida – Eco-Design per gli allestimenti temporanei”, Duccio Brunelli, 2010 (Eco-Design for temporary exhibitions); “Exhibit Design – Criteri e metodi per la sostenibilità ambientale”, Duccio Brunelli, 2011 (Criteria and methods for environmental sustainability).

Development of highly creative projects and management of all the aspects of the projects for exhibitions and retail. Since 2007 he has been working on applied environmental sustainability in partnership with a number of institutions, for companies in the field of exhibit design and retail.