Carla La Rocca


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From sailing to shopping

Carla Rocca graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature and she traveled the world, living for many years in Madrid and Bruxelles. There she got a Masters’ degree in Marketing and Communication and she obtained important experiences in the field of Sales and Foreign Trade.

In these same fields, she worked for Coin group for 20 years.

In 2005 she founded, together with a partner, the events planning agency Venice Work Sailing, specialized in sailing events for companies and professionals and strongly oriented towards the experiential training as a consequence of the theoretical training. She collaborates with a number of training societies in the North of Italy, sure that teambuilding is fundamental to consolidate a company.
She manages the organization of events such as sailing races, entertainment and incentive days during which she takes advantage of her relational skills, obtained thanks to a globe trotter life.

Now she decided to become a personal shopper in Venice