Andrea Notarnicola

Partner / Newton SpA


  • See Phone +39 02 3030 461

Partner of Newton SpA and management consultant for companies

Andrea Notarnicola, partner of Newton SpA, is a management consultant for the constant improvement and internal communication trough the languages of corporations, TV, and theatre.

He helps the companies designing and managing programs for the constant improvement based on people involvement. Though training and internal communication, according to the edutainment model, he contributes to the development of communities that are active in the search for new solutions.

He is author of books about company theatre and corporate television, he published “C’era una Volta la Convention” (Once upon a time there was a Convention) and is a member of the collective Jack O. Selz, author of the short story “ZZZoot”.

He works for global companies through international programs for cultural and organizational change.