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Alex Le Fanu

Why I became a mentalist?

I met this incredible form of art thanks to my Cognitive  Sciences studies.
After my Economics degree, in fact, I decided to concentrate in this science: I’ve always been atracted to the mechanisms that bring us to make certain choices and that lead us to find the solutions to our problems.
In that period a strange coincidence occured; I found a book by Derren Brown in a bookshop: “The Mentalist – Tricks of the Mind”. After that, everything began.

Today I perform in corporate and private events, beyond also in theatrical events that often consist in charity initiatives.
During my shows I propose particular experiments that involve the audience, who live eperiences in which their intuition and immagination become the main characters.
These experiments aim for the audience to live an unusual experience, which are connected to ideas such as telepathy, the precognition and everything that concerns the paranormal fenomenology. 

My purpose is to satisfy the audience desire to be amazed, by focusing the interest not only on the show, but also on the show’s topic, that can change according to the client’s (private, corporate or non profit entities) needs because every show is customized.

I think that Mentalism is the most fascinating existing form of art , because it consists in a combination of knowledges that concern all the disciplines known by the human being, thus creating a dialogue between different fields.