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Alex Bellini
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International motivational speaker.

Alex Bellini is professionally dedicated to “adventure”.
In 2001 Alex runs the Marathon des Sables, a stage race of 250 km in the Sahara Desert.
In 2002 and 2003 he walks across Alaska, pulling a sledge for a total of 2.000 km.
In 2005, Alex Bellini rows alone for 227 days and 11.000 km across the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean.
In 2008, he starts again rowing for 294 days and 18.000 km across the Pacific ocean, from Peru to Australia.
In 2011 Alex runs for 5300 km across the United States: from Los Angeles to New York, in 70 days.

He is the author of two books: “Mi chiamavano montanaro” (They called me mountaineer ), 2007, and “Il Pacifico a remi” (The Pacific rowing), 2010, both award winning.

Today Alex is an international keynote speaker.
His stories of successes and failures inspire every year thousands of people to live in pursuit, with courage.
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