Alberto Presutti

Bon-Ton trainer


  • Visualizza il Cellulare +39 339 4252350

Specialist in Italian and International Hospitality Codes of Behaviour, and expert in Bon-Ton, Etiquette, and Global Business Etiquette.

Since 2007, Dr. Alberto Presutti has held training courses for professionals, companies and private citizens all over Italy.

With well over 1000 hours of training courses behind him and a large audience both on the internet and “on the field”, he has held classroom and one-on-one lessons, also employing technologies such as webinars and video conferences.

He’s founder of the “OspiCode”© project, which aims to train and specialise hospitality operators.

He’s author of the book “Bentornato Galateo” (“Welcome back, Etiquette”) and other pieces dedicated to Etiquette, and consultant of national and local tv networks, such as Rai and Sky, as seen in videos on his YouTube channelMaestroPresutti”.

Courses (classroom and/or webinar) on Italian and International Etiquette for receptionists, concierges, housekeepers, hotel managers.