Worldwide events of the Meeting Industry

May 2017

Worldwide events of the Meeting Industry until December 2017

A calendar of the main fairs and events dedicated to the Meeting Industry. If yuo can’t participate you may stay tuned.

Sometimes it’s good to look upwards and instead of only thinking about our job, stay updated by learning from the other’s job. This is suggested by an interesting article by Bizzaboo with the calendar of our industry events’.


IMEX Frankfurt 2017 – May 16th-18th 2017 – Frankfurt, Germany
Traditionally one of the biggest events exhibitions in Europe. It gathers events professionals from all over the world and exhibitors who cover all the needs of events.

Smart Meeting East National – May 21st-23rd 2017 – Orlando, Florida, USA
One-to-one appointments, industry’s best practice, highly instructive meetings.

Xperience Design Project – May 23rd-24th 2017 – Oxin Hill, Maryland, USA
Focusing on the events’ transformation in unforgettable experiences. XDP breaks the rule of the events’ planning. Advanced instruments and next trends make this event unique because it’s thought for advanced professionals.

Exhibition & Convention Executives Forum – May 31st 2017 – Washington D.C., USA
Meeting of expert professionals of the sector of the events to share knowledge and teachings. It’s reserved to high level managers and decision makers with many years of experience.


TechsyTalk Live 2017 – May 2nd 2017 – New York, New York, USA
It gathers the most talented and expert professionals of the industry, it’s the event “for the planners, made by the planners”. TechsyTalk boasts a deep knowledge of its participants needs and it’s projected to respond at the maximum level. The ideal is to create a high quality relationship network.

PCMA Education Conference – June 11th-14th 2017 – New York, New York, USA
Professional Convention Management Association is at its second event of the year with a focus on the latest trends of the industry. The most inspired thought leaders reunite to discuss and to present their future visions concerning the event design.

The Meetings Show – June 13th-15th 2017 – Olympia London, UK
Among the main events in London in the meeting industry, it’s organized in the same venue of the International Confex and it reunites the events’ professional from the UK and all over the world. It creates opportunities of networking and professional training.

IBTM America– June 14th-16th 2017, South Florida, USA
The events professionals from all over the world gather at IBTM America. One-to-one meetings with prefixed appointments. Exhibitors and visitors create interesting and profitable networks.

ICCA Association Meetings Programme – June 29th – July 1st 2017 – Fukuoka, Japan
It reunites more than 15 different associations and it’s the ideal for the events professionals who want to spread their network and learn how different sectors face the events execution.


BizBash Live: Los Angeles – July 19th 2017 – Los Angeles, California, USA
Having Los Angeles as the background, this event is about education and entertainment. The events organizers will discover tons of new things and they can realize connections with a certain quality.

Smart Meeting Mid-Atlantic – July 20th 2017 – Leesburg, Virginia, USA
A one-to-one meeting day and enlightening workshops. The main theme will be “Controlling the Caos around you”, a very familiar topic for the event planners.

CEMA Summit 2017 – July 1st – August 30th 2017 – San Diego, California, USA
The Corporate Event Marketing Association dedicates the yearly meeting to the education of the corporates professionals about the value and the impact of event marketing. The corporate must be sure to stay in the processes command, and the discussion of this conference will give to the participants a competitive advantage on the continue evolution of the events the main characters of marketing.


ILEA Live – August 10th-12th 2017 – Alberta, Canada
International Live Events Association offers creative and practical solutions for all event planners. Speakers coming from different industries share unique perspectives and make this conference a different event in comparison to the other ones.

Smart Meeting Northeast – August 10th 2017 – New York, New York, USA
At the New York Marriott, near Brooklyn bridge, the conference is especially dedicated to the planners of New York’s area.

IncentiveWorks – August 22nd-23rd 2017, Toronto, Canada
IncentiveWorks is the biggest fair specialized in the meeting industry in Canada. Professionals from all over the world participate and it’s a unique opportunity to make precious connections.

IBTM China – August 23rd-24th 2017 – Beijing, China
China continues to be one of the most fast-growing economies in the world and it’s becoming a centre of opportunities for events professionals. IBTM, the only one conference of the industry in Eastern Asia, offers the possibility to get in touch with the thought leaders who are shaping the events industry in China.


Meeting Planners Russia – September 4th-5th 2017 – Moscow
The 5th edition of a Mice Business Forum with prearranged appointments, networking. Two days to meet both destinations and suppliers to work with.

IBTM Latin America – September 6th-7th 2017 – Mexico City
In a world that is getting more and more globalized, this conference celebrates the events’ industry that are growing in the countries of Latin America. IBTM Latin America is the ideal to understand the events’ industry through a global context.

Smart Meeting West National – September 10th-12th 2017 – Dana Point, California, USA
A conference full of efficient laboratories and innovative solutions for planners actively involved in the industry today. Experts’ discourse will deepen topics like brave leadership, all the trends for your next event.


BizBash Live: New York City – Autumn 2017 (probably in October) – New York, New York, USA
2017 Final event of BizBash: certainly it will be a super BizBash. To get in touch with the decision makers of the most innovative brands and be inspired once again.

The Event Planner Expo 2017 – October 4th 2017 – New York New York, USA
In the beautiful Metropolitan Pavilion of New York, Expo Event Planner reunites thousands of events’ experts to learn from one another. Connections with influencers who will add value to the professional luggage of everyone.

IMEX Las Vegas – October 10th-12th 2017 – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
It’s the “wrist of the meeting industry” and it offers precious intuitions and solutions for the industry professionals. This conference is thought to make business on international scale and it offers a great opportunity for the events organizers to know from the most brilliant minds of the industry.


Smart Meeting Southwest– November 9th 2017 – Arlington, Texas, USA
Final conference of Smart Meeting 2017, it reunites events’ organizers of the South-Western area to discuss the best practices of the industry. Like every SMART Meeting event, the meetings are one-to-one and highly aimed, with guaranteed utility for both parts.

Event Tech Live – November 9th 2017 – London, OK
One of the coolest events exposition and the only one in Europe exclusively dedicated to the events technology. The event is produced by Event Industry News and it also assigns the Tech Event Awards. Don’t miss it.

ICCA Congress – Novemberr 12th-15th 2017 – Parague, Czech Republic
Expecting a record of more than 1.000 attendants, the 56th edition of ICCA will gather world-wide experts of the industry to share the best practices. With the participation of speakers with great experience and international associations managaers, ICCA Congress defines the future direction of the Association.

EVENTtech 2017 – Novermber 13th-15th 2017 – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Another event about technology! Produced by Event Marketer, one of the most important magazine of the event industry, this conference focuses on the technological trends in the industry and how they participate on the events future.

IBTM World – November 28th-30th 2017 – Barcelona, Spain
Known as the main worldwide conference, IBTM World attracts the most brilliant minds of the industry. With more than 15.000 professionals participating, the opportunities to build partnerships and make connections are numerous.

There are no events in December.
But for us it seems important to remember you
ILTM – December 4th-7th 2017 – Cannes, France
ILTM – International Luxury Travel Market is the most important fair of the luxury tourism. Only by invitation. The French edition is the nearest one to us and it’s preceded by ILTM Asia (Shanghai – June) and ILTM Americas (Mexico – September).

Merry Christmas to the worldwide Meeting Industry!