Vasco Rossi in Modena: numbers for a Guinness record

June 2017

Vasco Rossi

An audience of more than 220,000 people on an area of about 33 hectares: everything is gigantic. Saturday July 1st the whole Modena town is for Vasco Rossi.

The concert of Vasco Rossi on Saturday July 1st is the largest concert  for the paying audience: 220.000 tickets sold out since weeks before the event are beating the record of AhAh concert in Rio de Janeiro in 1991 (198.000 tickets) and the one of Tina Turner, always in Rio in 1988 (188.000).

The concert will be broadcasted live in more than 200 cinemas in whole Italy and at least in 2 indoor sports arena (Padua and Genoa). Hundreds of pubs and bars in Italy offer the live show and “punti Vasco” (Vasco points) arise everywhere. Rai 1 will broadcast the live show with some “blocked” songs.

For the 220.000 Vasco Rossi fans,  22 special trains, 1.000 shuttle bus, 45.000 car parking have been arranged. Everything is sold out.

The stage, 150 meters large, will be as high as an 8th floor building, and it wil be provided by five huge maxi-screens for more than 1500 sqm.
The 29 sound towers will have an exit power so powerful to allow the perfect hearing in any point of the park, from 5 mt of the first line to 300 mt of the last lines. The technicians will be more than 100.

Security is relied on 5.500 people on shifts, 1.200 policemen distributed in crucial points, and 55 cameras with facial identification, placed 1 km away from the location, will monitor the event 360° for 24 hours. Finally a super drone will guard the area from the height of 10.000 mt.
Selling alcohol, drinks in glass or can, selfie-sticks and every blunt object are prohibited.

The entrance for Vasco Rossi concert at Parco Enzo Ferrari (or Modena Park) is open and recommended since Saturday morning. The downflow will last until 8 o’clock am of Sunday.

Finding the tickets is now impossible or just by ticket scalpers around 1.000 euro; a room in the city costs around 500 euro and 15 km away around 300 euro.
A car parking in the garage costs 200 euro per night (if you can find it).
A seat on the private terrace with a view on the park around 30 euro.

Modena has 185.000 inhabitants, between Saturday and Sunday it will double.
For the concert of Vasco Rossi, that has taken the dimension of a world record:
– high school exams calendar have been modified (transports will be difficult)
– at least 3 highway exits will be closed
– sales shopping period has been moved up
– the holy celebration of Saturday afternoon at St. Giovanni church has been cancelled.

The concert will cost at leat 10 million euro and it will earn… who knows!!
Vasco Rossi (born in 1952 and also called Blasco) will sing 40 songs for a duration of 3 hours and a half.

A concert? No, not just a concert but a huge event to be studied by sociologists, advertising professionals and planners!!

cover photo from the official facebook page of Vasco Rossi