Atmosphere and Technology by Proiezioni Sonore

February 2017

Proiezioni Sonore Technical Services

Music, lightening and atmosphere set design by Proiezioni Sonore during 3 special events.

The experience of Proiezioni Sonore makes them flexible and able to organize in the best way different types of events by finding every time the best solution and technology to ensure a successful event. Summer or winter, Proiezioni Sonore’s staff experience is available for planners and corporates to study together all the details.

– Sharp’s products launch
Proiezioni Sonore Technical Services
Proiezioni Sonore provided the technical setting for a Sharp’s event in Verona, obviously marked by a substantial presence of technology. A sequence of led headlights evocatively were illuminating the welcome entrance path of the room, where the hosts were welcomed with a delicate atmosphere by 24 led bars.
The tensile structure, which hosted the convention, was illuminated creating color and draw suggestive graphic effects.
The video devices, provided by Sharp, were taken under the control of Proiezioni Sonore’s team who installed 4 Sharp touchscreen monitors of 80’’ and 4 monitors  of 65’’ offering a complete and perfect vision to all of the 400 participants. Moreover, for the next day’s meeting, other 3 Sharp touchscreen monitors of 80’’ were installed and also an audio system in sustain for a well-done live videoconference from Rome with the participation of some politicians.

– The 30th anniversary of TMA
The celebration of the anniversary took place in the corporate’s plaza which was transformed in a great and comfortable open air patio, entirely covered with 500 square meters of rolled grass. The summer season imposed, for the hosts’ comfort, the creation of shadowed areas, realized with a circular structure of 36 cm that sustained soft drapes which formed a particular and suggestive design. Also the furniture has been provided by proiezioni Sonore.

Proiezioni Sonore - Set design

– Wedding at the Castle of Bevilacqua
Proiezioni Sonore created a very suggestive atmosphere for the wedding celebration. Soundtrack music, castle illumination and a dj-set to animate the evening. The illumination consisted in 16 led intelligent headlights for the outdoors and 16 battery headlights for the path.

Proiezioni Sonore is a corporate specialized in video and audio technologies. It operates since more than 10 years in the show business industry, both in Italy and abroad and it’s completely able to plan and manage an event of any kind and dimension, such as meetings, conventions, runways and weddings. It offers amplifiers systems, audio of the latest generation, scenographic lighting installments of battery and wireless control for historic mansions, external parks without power source or venues with particular needs. Furthermore: simultaneous translation, video shooting, teleconferences.