Atelier Esse: new name for Daniela Serrati’s Studio Esse

January 2019

One of the most active and operative event organisation company in Italy has changed its name.

“I had chosen Studio Esse at first when we were a small and a growth company. We earned our place in the market and we expanded. Today, after 20 years of activity, we are no longer a “studio” but a real laboratory of ideas, with qualified partners able to organise creative and accurate events in any detail and also large events.”

So the founder Daniela Serrati commented the agency’s name change into Atelier Esse, as a way to stress its story, the growth and the team.

“The word Atelier gives value to our skills to organise custom-made events, away from what is standard and prefabricated. For our agency, every client and every event have to be considered unique, just like in an atelier. This is what we want to communicate even with our name.”

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