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A new energy efficiency project on San Servolo Island

April 2022

San Servolo - Venice - Italy

The new energy efficiency project will make San Servolo an eco-sustainable island

The San Servolo island pays great attention to environmental sustainability and the company has decided to launch a new program for using renewable energy sources.

Meeting planners will thus have one more advantage to offer their customers in organizing a meeting at the San Servolo Island Convention Center

The energy efficiency project foresees a photovoltaic system installed widely on the island and consisting of 9 photovoltaic generators placed on the ground above the floors and above 6 newly built canopies, for a total of 581.40 square meters of surface.

For us, this is a great achievement that will contribute to turning San Servolo into an eco-sustainable island” commented Simone Cason, CEO of San Servolo Servizi.

The “green” project of San Servolo Island is also very consistent with the island’s vocation which is to spread culture, improve permanent art exhibits, to maintain the Venice Innovation Design annual appointment and those with Venice International University. And today “culture” means also awareness and responsibility toward an energy transition that respects the environment.

The venue:
San Servolo Conference Centre is located on an island in the Venetian Lagoon, formerly used as a monastery. It has 11 meeting rooms that can seat 15-240 people and 173 guest rooms. The island is also home to the VIU-Venice International University and permanently hosts some works of art.