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Venice’s photos from 1860 to 2019 at Fondazione Querini Stampalia

December 2019

Venice 1860-2019 - Querini Stampalia

Until March 1, 2020, photographs of  Venice from 1860 to 2019

Fondazione Querini Stampalia’s House Museum is a charming and historically relevant location for events, but also it hosts important art collections and temporary exhibitions.

The exhibition “Venice 1860-2019. Photographs from Graziano Arici’s Archive ” represents an interesting visual memory of Venice with over 140 works among 19th-century original photos, plates, stereoscopies and digital prints.

The exhibit depicts Venice, but also narrates the history and the culture of photography itself, from the first photos, still related to the landscape paintings, until the new representations of Venice as a city of glamour, cinema, and tourism.

Furthermore, the exhibition is a good opportunity to organize a meeting at the Foundation while enjoying a moment of relaxation in the city of Venice.

Querini Stampalia is in the historic center of Venice. Look at its profile to find out what it can offer >>>