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Pasta al forno, Italian Millennials’ favourite dish

March 2018

Pasta al forno, Italian Millennials' favourite dish

A Doxa-Aidepi Italian research is clear: no dish compares to the delicious pasta al forno.

What dish do Italian Millennials love the most? In the finals against pasta carbonara, pasta alle vongole and pasta al pomodoro, pasta al forno beat everyone: it’s under 35s’ favourite food, as it reminds them of holiday meals and family.

Every city has its own version, every family its own recipe. In the baking pan, Italian Millennials can find all the reassuring flavours of their childhood, which is probably the reason why they love it so much.
Despite being a traditional dish, the recipe can also be revisited in a “gourmet” key, with exotic and creative ingredients. Pasta al forno is also anti-waste: it is as delicious cold or reheated as it is on the day it’s made. Nothing ends up in the trash!

The study was commissioned to Doxa by AIDEPI, the Italian association of pasta makers.