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MPI, Federcongressi & SITE together fot the 2019 Global Meetings Industry Day

December 2018

Global Meeting Industry Day

During IBTM world, the 3 associations presented the project they have designed to celebrate the 2019 Italian Global Meetings Industry Day.

On 4 April 2019, the international meeting industry will share a day of events worldwide to celebrate all its passionate professionals.

And for the 4th year running, after Rome in 2016, Catania in 2017 and Nova Gorica (Slovenia) in 2018, Italy will have its own #GMID19. For the first time ever, the 3 main industry associations – MPI Italia Chapter, Federcongressi&eventi and SITE Italy –, will join forces for a big celebration without borders and barriers. Three Italian cities will host development, training and networking events, as well as seminars and toasts.

Alessandra Albarelli, President of Federcongressi&eventi, said: “The Global Meetings Industry Day is a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and projects with other associations. Cultivating strong relationships is at the base of our job, and it’s necessary to become even more competitive. I believe in the synergy between the industry’s various associations, and I’m always willing to work with them.”

Elisabetta Caminiti, President of MPI Italia Chapter, said: “I’m delighted that both Presidents have welcomed our idea to celebrate this day together with open arms. This year, with the Global Mice Collaborative project, which partners MPI up with IAEE and SITE, we have been able to make our industry’s voice even stronger, generating an overall economic impact of $845 billion. In 2018, the Global Meetings Industry Day produced 206 events in 41 countries.”

Miek Egberts, President of SITE Italy, added: “The partnership between our associations makes us really happy. The GMID will once again place the spotlight on the international meeting industry and its influence on the economy and society.”

(pictured above: Elisabetta Caminiti, President of MPI Italia Chapter, presenting #GMID19 at EIBTM World)