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Millennials’ top 10 favourite cities

March 2018

Millennials’ top 10 favourite cities

Berlin ranks 1st, Manchester 10th.

A study conducted by Nestpick, the aggregator website for furnished apartments to rent, determined the best 110 cities to live in according to Millennials.

Here’s the top 10:
1. Berlin, Germany
2. Montreal, Canada
3. London, UK
4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
5. Toronto, Canada
6. Vancouver, Canada
7. Barcelona, Spain
8. New York City, USA
9. Cologne, Germany
10. Manchester, UK

The research was based on 17 different parameters, ranging from job opportunities to nightlife and beer quality, from housing to tolerance…

Three Italian cities are in the ranking:
– Rome, 96th place
– Milan, 101st place
– Bologna, 110th place

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