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Florio Wineries. New tasting proposals

April 2022

Florio Wineries - Cantine Florio - Sicily - Italy

Florio Wineries expand their offer for tastings and lunches or dinners with the scent of Marsala.

Cantine Florio are the historic Florio wineries from where the Sicilian Marsala became famous and appreciated all over the world. Today Cantine Florio are part of the Sicilian excellent products circuit.

The historic rooms can be used for meetings or gala dinners and offer the possibility of combining guided tours and tastings of Corvo and Duca and Marsala Florio wines accompanied by tastings of local products. It is an opportunity to be seized for an original free-time moment and all “made in Italy”.

At Florio Wineries, visitors may discover huge vats of the 19th century that are still used to refine the Marsala wine. The visitors wander among the coppers, where the old tuff floor has been restored, and finally, they enter the Sala Degustazione Donna Franca (“Donna Franca” Tasting Room) where they can taste wine and typical local products.


It is always possible to ask for a tour or a personalized tasting. Here are some proposals designed by Cantine Florio also for small groups.


TOUR MARSALA GOURMET – 1 hour and 15 minutes
Guided tour of the cellars + tasting of 3 marsala wines with small food delicacies.

SICILY COLLECTION – 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Guided tour of the cellars + tasting of 2 marsala Riserva and 1 Zibibbo wine with 3 with typical food pairings.

FLORIO CLASSIC – 1 hour and 30 minutes
Guided tour of the cellars + seated tasting of 4 new Florio marsala wines with typical food pairings.


FOOD&WINE – about 2 hours.
Guided tour of the cellars + session tasting of 2 Duca di Salaparuta wines and 2 Florio marsala wines with reinforced food delicacies served in a gourmet box

Tasting menu, including 4 courses accompanied by 4 Marsala wines. Guests sitting at tables.
Minimum 20 participants

A DINNER WITH FLORIO – 3 hour and 30 minutes.
4-course menu served at table (appetizer, first course, second course, fruit and dessert), accompanied by 4 different wines.
Minimum 30 participants

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The venue

Built in 1833, Florio Wineries are part of the circuit of Marsala and Sicily’s excellences and welcome every year visitors from all around the world. Cantine Florio offer 6 historic halls (3 of them connected) that can host up to 350 people seated, 300 for the buffet, and 500 standing. The wonderful Mediterranean garden may host up to 1,500 people.