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July 3rd, 2020. MPI Italia Chapter a pre-convention facing the future

July 2020

Waiting For Meet The Champions MPI Italia Chapter

MPI Italia Chapter hybrid event with two exceptional guests waiting for the live convention scheduled in Autumn.

A busy morning for the participants of MPI Italia Chapter hybrid “pre-convention” with the participation of the Piedmont sponsors and Oscar Farinetti and Fiona May‘s speeches who were scheduled live during the Turin convention, postponed because of the Coronavirus.

The whole event took place remotely on Zoom and Facebook platforms and with the participation of small groups of MPI professionals welcomed in 7 hotels of the NH group in Turin, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Catania.

The meeting started with the welcome greetings from Vittoria Poggio, Councilor for Tourism of the Piedmont Region and Luisa Piazza, Visit Piemonte general manager.
Then Marcella Gaspardone, Turismo Torino marketing manager, introduced the first guest: the creative entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti, famous for his Eataly project that has successfully made Italian food production and gastronomy known and appreciated all over the world.

For Oscar Farinetti, whose words have been marked by realistic optimism, Italy’s problems today can be used for a cultural rebirth. “Italy is a mine of wealth. It has 55 Unesco heritage sites, its position as a peninsula in the middle of the sea has allowed the growth of a very rich biodiversity heritage, the places to visit are many and still often unknown. The success of the 40 Eataly stores worldwide also shows how much Italy is loved and appreciated. Moreover, it is one of the most desired holiday destinations but arrivals are not reflecting this desire (*). So there is still a lot of room for growth “.

Farinetti is urging to everyone and in particular to mice operators “to be confident, brave and open to the world by appreciating others but also proudly presenting the Italian wealth of art, nature, food… And working together is essential because only if we work in a team we can win. Tourism and the enhancement of our excellence are the key points to Italy’s future success. Let’s get them to work. “

Maria Elena Rossi, Enit’s marketing manager, confirmed Enit’s intention to spend 20% of its resources for promoting the MICE industry, and also underlined that Enit is currently particularly active in promoting Italy (*) and introduced the second guest of the morning, the multi-Olympic champion Fiona May.

Fiona May has developed the topic of resilience, a very fundamental quirk for athletes to overcome difficulties, but today crucial for professionals in the world of work, and for everyone in general. (**)
Nobody could have expected what happened. The pandemic has affected not only the economy, but also people’s psychology said Fiona May – Many have become anxious by spending their time hunting for news on the pandemic on the net. Instead, it is important to leave fears, keep calm and become resilient because everything has changed. And we need to adapt to this change, also quickly, to look ahead and set goals for the future we want to believe in and to commit ourselves responsibly”.
Fiona May also underlined two other important aspects to be valued and put in place: creativity, because only through creativity unknown obstacles can be overcome. And the other is the ability to relate to others because the lockdown period has marked everyone, but it is precisely for this reason that we need to pick up the threads of a common discourse.
A well-fitting example for Fiona May is what she lived personally because of the postponement of Tokyo 2020 Olympics: “Years of work for a target so close and then, suddenly, everything changed and you have to adapt and find new resources for a new challenge, and it wasn’t easy. ”

During the morning further speakers offered participants their experience:
Maria Teresa Lo Gioco, events manager of Lavazza Eventi and La Centrale, who showed a video of La Centrale hoping to soon host in-person to MPI professionals
Mauro Carbone, Langhe-Monferrato-Roero Consortium manager, who talked about the territory, Alba White Truffle great history and the cooking school dedicated to this excellent product
Ambra Lee Agnoletti, sales director, and Marco Gilardi, operation director of NH Hotel Group Italy, who illustrated, also with a video, the “Feel Safe at NH” protocol with the safety measures adopted by the group to guarantee guests a safe stay and participation also for meetings.

The speeches were staggered by film projection on the territory and by a remote team building activity.

At the end, before the greetings, the new president Maddalena Milone introduced the new MPI Italia Chapter board >>> and two prizes were drawn for two participants from abroad.

Editor’s note

(*) According to 2019 UNTWO international report, Italy was the 5th country visited in the world with 58.3 million international arrivals after France (in the 1st place with more than 86 million), Spain, USA, China. 2019 report will be ready in August. For Enit, Italy ranks 4th in 2019 with 94 million visitors and 429 million total attendances (source not ascertained and not found on Enit website)

(**) Resilience: in psychology it is the ability to face traumatic events in a positive way, to positively reorganize one’s life in front of difficulties, to rebuild oneself while remaining sensitive to the positive chances life offers, without alienating one’s identity.