Italia Convention on Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario

November 2016

Four articles to tell the story behind this extraordinary event.

Three years of work to turn a mountain village into a modern and equipped venue, without selling its soul.
The backstage of the international gathering of Wikipedia contributors in Esino Lario and how this small village was unexpectedly chosen to host the event.
The first two articles are already online. The first one is an introduction to better understand what happened, while the second one tells how this incredible project has been conceived and implemented.
Two further articles about Wikimania 2016 will be online soon.



(From left to right: Wikimania 2016 Esino Lario Closing Ceremony. Ph. Martina Cora / Esino Lario. Pietro Pensa Archive. Ph. Carlo Maria Pensa)