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Hilton turns 100 years old. Molino Stucky Venice’s events month by month

June 2019

Hilton Molino Stucky 100 anniversary Venice Italy

The famous hotel celebrates its centenary with socially responsible activities. In Italy, Molino Stucky is the most active and engaged.

Twelve months of significant activities to celebrate the 100-year history of the chain confirm Molino Stucky Venice as the most sensitive and the most integrated Italian Hilton hotel in the local community

Month after month, 2019 is marked by initiatives, collaborations and projects related to sustainability, charity and the support of less privileged people, often involving the whole hotel staff. Here below a summary of the calendar of simple and concrete activities.

Clothes rising to give to poor families with the participation of the whole hotel staff.

Promotion of some “youth employment days” in order to create new work opportunities for young people.

Training and recruiting workshops dedicated to young Italians. The aim is to hire 100 talents in the Hilton group.
Sustainability events for the environment’s respect, including one awareness campaign for customers and employees for a more conscious use of water.

During the traditional Venetian Feast of San Mark or Feast of Bocolo (rosebud), Molino Stucky offered red roses to hotel guests and purchased 100 rose plants from Red Cross to donate to an old people shelter.

Activities for children with the event “Indecorously” on the sustainability and planet care, hosted in the hotel congress center. And a beneficial lottery for a childcare cooperative taking care of inmates’ children in Giudecca prison.

Chefs and therapists from the Spa offer Giudecca inmates training days to facilitate their reintegration.

Two events dedicated to over-75s. organized by Red Carpet For All, a charitable and social association

Free access to Hilton Molino Stucky Venice swimming pool for Foster Care Community’s children.

A day dedicated to the topic of integration and diversity, a global sustainability initiative involving all the Hilton hotels.

October and November
Months dedicated to cancer awareness and prevention with activities in collaboration with various local associations. Molino Stucky will take part in “Movember”, the annual event where men grow mustaches to draw attention to cancer prevention.

In the hotel lobby, a Christmas tree will be decked out in 100 Christmas balls containing the dreams and wishes of Foster Care Community’s children. The Christmas balls will be sold and the proceeds will go to the community.

100 Years of Hospitality

No matter the rain…at Hilton Molino Syucky Venice we are ready to celebrate 100 Years of Hospitality! #hilton100 #wearehilton #hiltonvenice

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The venue

Hilton Molino Stucky Venice with 379 rooms and suites, is the largest hotel with a convention center in the Venice Lagoon. The hotel has 14 meeting rooms and a Ballroom that can accommodate up to 1,000 people. Bars and restaurants, the second-largest SPA in town and a panoramic swimming pool overlooking the city make the hotel the ideal venue for any event.

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