GECO Expo, the Sustainability Virtual Fair, second edition

February 2022

GECO Expo Milan

The GECO Expo is about to start. Second edition of the biggest virtual fair on sustainability, entirely on a platform.

Only few weeks before GECO Expo, the virtual 3D fair on sustainability, characterized by a highly personalized, immersive and interactive environment, which will return from March 1st to 4th, 2022 on a total virtual platform.

Green Together” is the slogan and leitmotif of the 2022 of GECO Expo and a contest will be one of the main events of the Fair.

The objective of GECO Expo is to raise awareness and increase environmental culture, involving a real community of people and influencers who have embraced and are committed to promoting a green lifestyle, also in the travel and tourism sectors.

What’s new in this second edition:
– new avatar interaction functions, with a series of gestures typical of on-site events,
– new outfits have been added in the dressing room that can represent, for example, participants of Islamic origin, and LGBTQ+ avatars have been activated to make the platform more inclusive.
– immersive and multimedia rooms have been developed for companies, entirely personalized, ideal for presenting products or organizing exclusive parties, including DJ sets.

Registration is free and people can enter the fair with their own avatar in order to visit the 3D pavilions where they can meet cutting-edge innovators and entrepreneurs and talk with experts on the most interesting and disruptive industry trends.


Also scheduled GECO Green Talks, GECO Educational Talks and round tables:
– the Green talks host companies and startups wishing to make known their innovations in the green economy field,
– the Educational talks are designed for writers or teachers who want to present their own work or editorial product on green topics,
– the round tables are divided into five thematic areas: renewable energy, mobility and business travel, sustainable tourism and MICE, circular economy, eco food, and will host 80 speakers, including the journalist Cristina Gabetti, the general coordinator Cetri-Tires Antonio Rancati, the environmentalist Anna Donati.


The Smart Talk Contest, a space dedicated to sustainability and biodiversity projects, will be divided this year into 2 categories: the first for ideas and startups to be supported, the second for already active startups and companies.
Last year the contest was won by Biova Beer, the beer made by recovering unsold bread to combat food waste, and EcoAllene by Ecoplasteam, the non-plastic obtained from the recycling of laminate packaging that was once impossible to separate.
To know the details and participate in the Smart Talk Contest, click the link>>>

Geco Expo was born during the pandemic precisely from the need of companies and buyers to meet due to the various lockdowns. We have developed a 100% sustainable platform, an event that is very close to a real fair thanks to personalized avatars, three-dimensionality and high interaction. – explains the founder Daniele CapognaThe pandemic has forced us to rethink the way of doing business and a virtual fair not only pollutes less, but can also cross national borders more easily, exponentially multiplying the number of business connections all over the world.

The first edition of GECO Expo in January 2021 saw 4,000 subscribers, over 50 exhibitors and 7,000 business cards virtually exchanged.


Geco Expo Fair