Gadget Personalizzato’s watchwords: sustainability and technology

July 2019

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Gadget Personalizzato (Customized Gadget) offers a vast online catalog of ecological and technological articles.

A trending word for corporate gadgets is sustainability, which can be perfectly combined with utility. Gadget Personalizzato (Custom Gadget), paying the utmost attention to reinforce the brand image in its market, is equally committed to promoting more sustainable and environmentally friendly objects.

The customized eco-friendly gadgets are all made with recycled and biodegradable materials, free of batteries and powered by solar energy. To produce them, are also employed organic materials such as rice fibre, “vibers” fibre and sugar cane.

There is a wide choice: cotton, canvas and jute shopping bags, biodegradable glasses, wooden cutlery, bamboo straws. And also office accessories can have a low environmental impact: not only the classic solar-powered calculators but also notepads in recycled paper and cork cover, pencils in recycled rubber, highlighters in recycled PET
The low environmental impact Gadget catalog is an excellent opportunity to gratify customers with personalized gifts that are more aware of the future.
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Gadget Personalizzato’s other watchword is technology. Small and powerful objects and gadgets, capable of storing a lot of information, useful both at work and in private life.

For all objects, customizable with company logos, specific files can be inserted and specially-made packaging for USB keys. Gadget Personalizzato can offer power banks, card readers, accessories for computer, mobile phones, tablets and speakers.

A technological gadget is always a useful object that can improve and simplify everyone’s work.
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Gadget Personalizzato (Custom Gadget) has a vast catalogue with company gadgets picked and updated according to the latest market trends: traditional, technological, eco-friendly and original gadgets. A whole section is dedicated to green and Made in Italy gadgets, very attentive to quality standards and to the quality/price ratio.
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