Meetings and post-meetings at Marsala Florio Wineries

February 2017

Florio Wineries - Cantine Florio - Sicily - Italy

Florio Wineries in Sicily: the ideal venue for a corporate meeting to be concluded with excellent wine tastings.

Cantine Florio are the historic Florio wineries from where the Sicilian Marsala became famous and appreciated all over the world. Today Cantine Florio are part of the Sicilian excellent products circuit.

Thanks to the mild climate, Florio Wineries are an ideal location where to organize events and meetings throughout the year with the possibility to have a guided tour to descover huge vats of the 19th century that are still used to refine the Marsala wine. Moreover meetings may be concluded with wine and typical local products tastings. The wineries tours  last at least 30 minutes. The visitors wander among the coppers, where the old tuff floor has been restored, and finally they enter in the Sala Degustazione Donna Franca (“Donna Franca” Tasting Room).
For the wine lovers, the Duca di Salaparuta, Corvo and Florio wines, and a variety of excellent craftmanships and typical Sicilian products can be purchased at the Florio wine shop as a souvenir of a meeting in the sunny Sicily.
Cantine Florio also regularly organize private and group tours for leisure.