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Disposable plastic abolished from the Apulian beaches

March 2019

Puglia beaches disposable plastic

From this summer single-use plastic is forbidden on the beaches of Puglia

During the annual meeting with environmental protection companies, Puglia Region also made arrangements with the beach facility operators to abolish disposable plastic items from the beaches from summer 2019.

The measure, announced by Raffaele Piemontese, Regional Budget Councilor in charge of the maritime domain, has been taken two years earlier compared to the European legislation which provides for the abolition of at least 10 plastic objects and their replacement with compostable materials within the year 2021.
Puglia is the first region in Italy to issue a seaside ordinance to tackle environmental pollution.
Therefore, from summer 2019 will be abolished straws, cutlery, plates, glasses, bags, food containers. The only exception this year will be water bottles, in the absence of suitable replacement materials (for now!).

When will disposable plastic items be erased from the events?

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