Hybrid events? Atelier Esse may help you in Italy

June 2020

Atelier Esse Streaming

Atelier Esse has always been organizing events with a great emotional impact. Now, it is ready to bring participants also into the digital world.

Atelier Esse, for 25 years has been organizing “tailored” live events combining technology and human interactions to leave participants with an unforgettable memory. Today Atelier Esse is ready to do so also using a different and innovative mix demanding technology to do more and better.

Daniela Serrati, the founder of Atelier Esse, so comments today’s evolution: “The terrible emergency that affected everyone, especially the event industry, has also been a challenge for us to reinvent ourselves and to propose new solutions. These solutions are concretely applicable and overcome the great difficulties that all of us – companies included- are facing.

So we built a wider network of collaborations with qualified partners to ensure continuity and feasibility of streaming and hybrid events. Engaging and extraordinary events with cutting-edge services and high-tech standards.

As for us, the competence and experience we gained during these years allow us to “guide” the technological partners to build up original and creative concepts obtaining excellent results also for webinars, streaming conventions, advanced and effective teleconferences. At the same time, we are paying attention to the human touch and we always work for the full involvement and interaction of the participants.”

That’s why, Atelier Esse can respect all the safety norms required,  and may provide clients:
– locations that can guarantee multiple large internet connections and suitable for the maximum safety of the participants
– latest generation technical equipment
– qualified staff with proven field experience

Daniela Serrati goes on: “Whether for totally streaming or hybrid events, our values are still the same that guided us successfully during these years:
– the ethics and the commitment of sharing contents and experiences

– the search for effective, exciting and impactful communication by involving participants in order to better transmit the client’s contents
– our particular commitment to respect the environment and reduce waste and pollution. ”

With this in mind, Atelier Esse proposes today a wider and technologically advanced offer and it represents in the market a reliable and creative partner to plan a successful event.

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