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MPI Italia Chapter’s new board installation ceremony

July 2019

MPI Italia Board 2019 2020

Presentation of the new board at MPI Italia’s annual convention. Enrico Jesu is the new president.

Rome, Friday, July 5th. The report of the activities carried out during the year and the presentation of the budget unanimously approved, was the first act of MPI Italia Chapter’s 28th annual Convention which took place from July 5 to 7.

In particular, it was stressed MPI Italia’s greater participation in international events and the growing acceptance to certification exams also for professionals who are not MPI members. The person in charge of the certification exams is Rodolfo Musco, MPI Italia Chapter’s founder and first president.

The presidential handover from Elisabetta Caminiti to Enrico Jesu was also officialized, as well as the installation of the new board, which will be in office until 30 June 2020.
The Convention was also a good occasion to present the teams that locally collaborate with the board, to reward the most long-lived members and to applaud the members who have obtained their Meeting Management Certificate. For more details on the program, keynote speakers and training and networking activities >>>

Here below the names of the board members for the year 2019-2020:
– President – Enrico Jesu
– President Elect – Maddalena Milone
– Past President – Elisabetta Caminiti
– VP Communication – Alessia di Raimondo
– VP Education – Luca Vernengo
– VP Finance ad interim – Maddalena Milone
– VP Membership – Giuseppina Cardinale
– VP Student – Ylenia Moscuzza
– Business Manager – Mauro Bernardini
For Secretariat, Daesy Aprilemail >>>

MPI Italia Board 2019 2020

in the photo, from left to right, Enrico Jesu, Maddalena Milone, Luca Vernengo, Elisabetta Caminiti, Alessia Di Raimondo, Giuseppina Cardinale, Ylenia Moscuzza, Mauro Bernardini

By law, the new MPI president will be assisted by the Past President and the President Elect, a triumvirate who knows in-depth the stories and projects and shall serve concurrently and be responsible for the hiring and continual performance assessment.


 MPI Italia Chapter
Founded in 1991, it’s the Italian Chapter of the International community MPI (Meeting Professionals International), founded in Dallas, USA, in 1972. The association counts over 17,000 members in 24 countries and 90 chapters. It represents all professionals involved in the meeting and event industry. MPI Italia Chapter has been registered with the Ministry of Economic Development. Thus, it can release certifications that are legally valid in Italy under Law no.4 of 14th January 2013.