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Millennials and business trips

June 2018

business trips

According to an independent global research commissioned by Travelport, Italian millennials are advocates for a digital evolution in business travel.

A research by Travelport has surveyed 11,000 Millennials (people born after 1990) in 19 countries who have gone on at least one business trip in the past year.

The main results have revealed that Italians:
– consider not being able to access booking information on any of their devices at any time a huge problem (38%);
– complain that companies don’t use data analysis to provide highly tailored travel recommendations based on past preferences (36%);
– complain that they can’t receive advice by an expert during the booking process (34%);
– want itineraries that combine both business and pleasure (bleisure) for their longer trips, so that they are able to visit and see local attractions (61%);
– do their research before finalising their travel plans, using either review websites (97%) or travel advice websites (86%);
– look at videos and photos posted on social media by travel brands (76%);
– largely use mobile devices, as well as advanced technologies such as voice search (62%).