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Airline food should be healthier

December 2017

Airline food should be healthier

An American investigation reveals the healthiest airline food.

Tip: bring healthy food from home!
Only Delta Air Lines and Virgin America have been awarded 4 stars out of 5 in the investigation conducted by on the quality of airline food. Air Canada and JetBlue came in second.

The companies are ranked based on healthiness, calories, nutrition, as well as transparency and information provided, commitment to maintaining and improving the quality of the food served, menu innovation, cooperation.

Some tips for passengers:
– go light on the snacks, as even gluten-free foods, which are usually okay healthwise, are still high in calories;
– go light on bread, desserts, and seasoning, too;
– try to eat before boarding, so as not to be tempted by calorie-heavy meals;
– learn to say “no, thanks”, and bring your own healthy food.

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