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A wellness gift for meetings at Palariccione

September 2020

Palariccione - wellness gift

In addition to the natural benefits of a Congress Center by the sea, this fall Palariccione offers a special gift.

Under the motto that “Some things never change, they get better!” Palariccione has decided to prepare a special gift that increases the well-being of the participants in a convention.

Riccione already offers a lot: wake up by the sea and the Congress Center within walking distance, so as to combine a pleasant walk with the expectations of a working day.

But this fall Palariccione plays one more ace and offers as a gift a certified Personal Fitness Coach from the PFC Academy available for:
– Pre-event morning activity directly on the beach
– Urban Training
– Physical and cognitive exercises during the convention with preset timing: 7 minutes of psychophysical well-being to stimulate learning and improve professional performance.

The benefits?
As they say at Palariccione: “The mind-body rhythm aligns, energy flows, endorphins increase and stress is reduced. In short, sound in body and mind” which also means being able to feel better about yourself and work better with others.

This autumn the meeting industry reinvents itself…

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