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Sexual harassment: a brief manual for meeting planners

The sexual harassment tsunami is spreading, even in the meeting world. From the US a useful 8-step manual for event planners.

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7 Event Design Ideas from EventTech Las Vegas

Thanks to the collaboration with Corbin Ball’s blog, interesting articles about technology in the events will be notified by Italia Convention

Corbin Ball
consultant, writer, international speaker

Technologies - Meeting Planning

The technology I'd like to find in meeting venues

The technology I’d like to find in a meeting venue

One of the problems planners face is having to deal with the technology they find in meeting venues. Why?

Piero Pavanini
Newton Lab 24 – Gruppo Sole 24 Ore

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7 things to do after your event

7 things to do after your event

Great planners don’t stop working after the event is over, but they keep trying to improve their results.

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Ideas and resources to create Trivia Games: funny and useful for meetings

Ideas and resources to create funny and useful Trivia Games

Trivia Games are a very powerful instrument to communicate while having fun. Learn how to use them for your own meeting.

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12 suggestions to make serious events lighter and fun

12 ideas to add some fun to a serious event

Even a serious event can be fun. It has a bigger impact and it’s more memorable.

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Good humor is a serious thing - Terenzio Traisci

Good mood is a serious thing

A physical and mental state that supports emotional intelligence, increases empathy and the ability to communicate

Terenzio Traisci
Trainer and Speaker

Communication - Training

Public speaking

4 traps to avoid in public speaking

You can win the fear of public speaking! Find out the tricks to avoid 4 dangerous traps and become successful speaker.

Fabio Pandiscia
FormaeMentis Group

Entertainment / Mentalism


Mentalism for a successful meeting?

Playing with the paranormal… may increase the interest on the main topic of a meeting.

Alex Le Fanu
Alex Le Fanu Mindgamer

Technologies / Streaming

Use streaming, don't be afraid of it!

Use streaming, don’t be afraid of it!

Streaming is becoming a trend in the meeting industry. It is used by professional networks and very suitable for business events.

Placido Losacco
Living Media srl

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10 useful advices in case of emergency during an event - Italia Convention

10 useful advices in case of emergency during an event

The best way to face an unexpected emergency is to expect it.

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Meeting Planning / Wikimania

Esino Lario: An Entire Village Turned Into A Location

Esino Lario: An Entire Village Turned Into A Location

How we have turned a small mountain village into an unusual and welcoming venue.

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