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Five Trends That Will Revolutionize Trade Show Marketing in 2019

If you’re a marketer who’s serious about maximizing ROI, then you need to have a presence at industry trade shows.

Ryan Gould

Careers - Training

7 things to do after your event

7 things to do after your event

Great planners don’t stop working after the event is over, but they keep trying to improve their results.

Italia Convention

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Public speaking

4 traps to avoid in public speaking

You can win the fear of public speaking! Find out the tricks to avoid 4 dangerous traps and become successful speaker.

Fabio Pandiscia
FormaeMentis Group


Poster Lab: a new tool for meetings

Poster Lab: a new tool for meetings

Poster Lab is a quick training tool that can prove useful for meetings.

Umberto Santucci
Problem solving consultant


Cultural differences

Warning: cultural differences. Handle with care

Here’s a list of some of the most frequent and unexpected misunderstandings in international relationships.

Pina Sabatino
Global Talent Development


Keywords to better understand Chinese people

Keywords to better understand Chinese people

Main concepts for a successful meeting with Chinese delegations.

Carlotta Trevisan

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MPI meeting industry

MPI, a window onto the World of the Meeting Industry

In the meeting industry, MPI is the most numerous, active and prestigious in the world.

Carla Solari
Marketing and external relations


Webinar: a new word to know

Webinar: a new word you need to know

The webinar is an innovative and very effective tool for training, events, and to develop lead generation.

Azzurra Mancuso


The Motivational Speaker

The Motivational Speaker

The contribution of the motivational speaker is to find the motivation, to turn enthusiasm and rediscover the vision of success.

Alex Bellini
Motivational speaker


Meet the Japanese

Meeting the Japanese people

The Japanese business community is much less “mysterious” and the relationship between managers are no longer culturally problematic.

Kazuo Inumaru
Oriens srl

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Theatre techniques: a gym for public speaking

Theatre techniques: a gym for public speaking

When speakers go “on stage” something doesn’t work. Sometimes it’s uncontrolled anxiety, more often a sense of embarrassment.

Roberta Pinzauti
Te.D. Teatro d’Impresa



Conflicts can more effectively be solved during a corporate event

The game play reveals ways to manage conflict effectively and profitably. It explains how to deal with relationships, communication and behavior.

Simona Orlandini