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16 Health Conscious Event Ideas

Healthy food choices and activities integrating wellness and the fun factor. A chance to healthier team experience.

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16 tantalizing ways to display event catering

16 tantalizing ways to display event catering

Catering is a necessity for most events. It can, however, take up a lot of space or seemingly be pushed away from the buzz of the event…

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Being clear at the dinner table

It’s easier to criticize a dinner rather than to organize it.

Silvia Galli
Project manager


Ettore Bochia and haute cuisine

Haute cuisine for large numbers: the molecular gastronomy

How many cooks are necessary to prepare a gourmet dinner for 3000 people? Is there a kitchen big enough to have them all working at the same time?

Ettore Bocchia
Mistral Restaurant – Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni


“Bon Apetit”

“Bon Apetit”: number, measures … and some prices

A good convention always comprises a good meal. This rule may be obvious but breaking it caused a lot of damage.

Luca Legnani
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