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Entertainment - Creativity - Team Building

Creative ideas for corporate events

19 creative ideas for entertainment in corporate events

Corporate events can be used to spark creativity, innovation and productivity in your team.

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Entertainment - Food - Team Building

16 Health Conscious Event Ideas

Healthy food choices and activities integrating wellness and the fun factor. A chance to healthier team experience.

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Entertainment - Meeting Planning

Ideas and resources to create Trivia Games: funny and useful for meetings

Ideas and resources to create funny and useful Trivia Games

Trivia Games are a very powerful instrument to communicate while having fun. Learn how to use them for your own meeting.

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Entertainment - Creativity - Meeting Planning

12 suggestions to make serious events lighter and fun

12 ideas to add some fun to a serious event

Even a serious event can be fun. It has a bigger impact and it’s more memorable.

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Meeting Planning - Entertainment

Good humor is a serious thing - Terenzio Traisci

Good mood is a serious thing

A physical and mental state that supports emotional intelligence, increases empathy and the ability to communicate

Terenzio Traisci
Trainer and Speaker

Entertainment / Mentalism


Mentalism for a successful meeting?

Playing with the paranormal… may increase the interest on the main topic of a meeting.

Alex Le Fanu
Alex Le Fanu Mindgamer


Renaactment - Foresi

Suddenly, a touch of Renaissance

The jester bursts into a serious business convention and recites his impromptu verses.

Gianluca Foresi
Gli EstroVersi